Sphere Wireless lighting switch 6 Gang with master off

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Easily installed on any flat surface, the Sphere Wireless Lighting Control System requires no drilling, no wires, and no hassle.
Simply pair the wireless switch with the 6 Channel Receiver (sold separately).
Product Features:

Comes with 2 x CR2032 lithium batteries
Easy installation – no drilling
No wires, saving on wire costs
Long lasting battery operation
Surface mounting


Switch backing is 120mm x 80mm
Five light switch with master off

Place your light switch where ever you want, without having to run wires inside your walls. For use with the Sphere Wireless Lighting Control System. The switches get fixed to any wall, cupboard or ceiling without the need to connect to your RV 12v wire system. The companion receiver (separate part) can handle up to six different lights, gets the message to switch the light on or off.
There are multiple switch combinations available from one to six zones, some also include a master switch that will switch all zones off at once. You get the most flexibility by getting a number of switches that are located exactly where you want. Beside the bed, near the table, near a door or even on a sliding door where a normal switch cannot be placed.
The receiver is the only part that needs to be connected to the lights. There is also a remote control (separate part) that can be used.
The savings in installation time, wire cost, and finding wiring failures in the future are all good reasons to go this way. These are now used in many Jayco caravans during manufacture and have proved reliable and convenient.

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