About Discount RV Parts

Discount RV Parts established 2008 by Allie and Steve Harper. Allie & Steve have over 20 years of expertise in the construction of Harper Horse coaches.  These unique well-appointed vehicles are a combination of transporting horses to various equestrian events coupled with very comfortable accommodation facilities for the people transporting & eventing their horses.

The need to source the finest quality RV parts for these vehicles, brought about the opportunity of passing this service onto other discerning buyers in NZ, who wish for high quality, low investment items for their assortment of RV’s.

Discount RV parts are known for high quality & low prices = probably the best value in NZ.


Quality RV Parts and Accessories at the Best Price

Mobile homes are not just the vehicles themselves, but also include the various devices, furniture, accessories and other items within. The higher thequality these items are, the superior your trips will be.

Comfort on the road is parallel to comfort will parked up.  The right captain’s chair will ensure stress free driving, arriving at a destination fresh & ready to explore.

Preparing & cooking food after a day of travel or fun is often the highlight of that day.  A time to reflect & be close to your special mate, like a romantic candle lit dinner under the stars; or a time for family to recount their day & plan the next.  The equipment to do this must enhance this experience & be reliable & easy to use.

You want all the mod conns of home, so you experience an effortless laid-back holiday, being able to totally focus on your leisure activities, notbe swamped with domestic burdens while away.  We have all the necessary gadgets & equipment to guarantee to your time away is stress free & fun filled.Checkout our website.


Prompt and Efficient Service

We live in an instant world.  RV Discount Parts recognise that when you want something, you want it NOW!!  When you order, our dynamic team will do everything possible to have your item to you inside 3 working days & in most cases it will be the next day.  However if there is to be any delay we will contact you.

Not only do we have one of the most comprehensive warehouses of gear in NZ, we can also provide expert assistance in helping you choose the right product for your specific application along with installation advice.  (Please note that many items have downloadable installation instructions after checkout).

We also can install any item; upgrade or even totally revamp your vehicle.  Just ask us how.


Order Products Online

Once your payment has been cleared your item will be courier directly to you.  If you’re from outside NZ, we can arrange shipping for you.  Just ask us by using the contact details on this page.