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Small and smart rooflight specially designed for installation in standard sized dome.  Standard size to fit most motorhomes and caravans.  The mini Heki ensures a maximum light.  Easy adjustment with operating lever.  Opens in three positions:  completely open, half open, and bad weather positon.  No water can splash inside when the glass dome is in bad weather positon.

Includes roller  fly mesh,  and blind

Fly mesh and blind are mounted to the inner frame

.  * The glass dome is easy to adjust using the bar lever.

* Maximum opening angle:  approx 50 deg

* Three positions fully open, ventilation position, bad weather position.

* Double acrylic glazing  * for roof thicknesses of 25mm to 60mm

Roof thickness 25 – 60 mm

Max opening angle 50 degree

Cut out 400 x 400 mm


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