Twin Heated Towel Rail LPG


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Product Description

For Truma LPG and Eberspacher Diesel heaters.

For greater comfort in your motorhome or caravan bathroom – wet towels are now a thing of the past with the towel drier. Suitable for 60mm ID ducting.

Warm air is directed into two horizontally hinged aluminium support tubes where it evenly flows downwards to dry towels.
The air flow can be regulated using the control knob and integrated air throttle. Pre-warms ski boots, dry shoes or other items
Load-bearing capacity: 4 kg per hanger
Simple installation.  The towel dryer is easy to install. It attaches to two points on the wall. The upper part is screwed to the wall with a retaining plate ensuring a secure hold. The lower part is clipped into an air vent (included). 60mm ID ducting hose can supply the rail with warm air.

A minimum length of 2m of warm-air duct is necessary between the heater & the towel dryer.


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