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Dometic Shower Ventilator with 2 speed fan

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Roof ventilator with motor
This powerful motorised roof ventilator, with two-speed fan, provides ventilation even when its motor is switched off.

Product Description

The roof vent with motor GY11 is designed for installation in caravans, motorhomes and boats.

Technical description The roof vent with motor GY11 is for ventilating the interiors of caravans, motorhomes and boats. It can also be used in toilets, kitchens, above gas and paraffin lamps and in shower rooms. The cover cap is weatherproof. The vent is motorised. The blades of the vent wheel are directed towards the side. They therefore do not obstruct the air flow when the vent is off.

The vent is controlled by a switch with three settings

• Setting 1: Fan speed 1, half power (max. 65m3/h)

• Intermediate setting: Fan switched off

• Setting 2: Fan speed 2, maximum power (max. 105m3/h)


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