Dometic LP Gas detector

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  • Runs off 12V RV battery

 Protects your Family by Sensing LP Gas

 Dual Power Source: Uses both Chassis & Battery Power

 ETL Listed and Tested UL 1484 for Residential and RV Applications

 Mounting kits included for both surface and flush mount applications



Operation Modes

The DOMETIC LP Detector operates in seven separate modes:

Power Off Mode: Visually indicates sufficient and insufficient power. LED and button will not function in this mode

Normal Stand By Mode: Green LED indicates that gas concentration is continuously moni-tored at a safe level. Test button will be active

Alarm Mode: Red LED indicates that gas concentration has reached unsafe levels. The audible alarm activates. Press Test button to reset. Indicator returns to Green when LP con-centrations have been removed.

Test Mode: When testing the LED indicator is Red and the audible alarm sounds for 10 seconds.

Silence Stabilization Mode: LED indicator flashes Red for 3 minutes after power-up or after the Detector is reset. If gas concentrations remain high, the alarm will reactivate.

Fault Mode: Yellow LED with alarm chirping every 30 seconds indicates a fault has been de-tected that compromises function. Press Test button to reset. If fault persists replace Detector to ensure safety.

End of Life Mode: After 7 years+/- 128 days of continuous operation, a flashing Yellow LED with alarm chirping every 30 seconds indicates the sensor is no longer reliable and must be replaced. Once end-of-life mode is permanent, the alarm can not be reset.


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