Atwood LP and CO detectors


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Product Description

Runs off 12V RV battery

Protects your Family by Sensing both LP and CO Gas

Dual Power Source: Uses both Chassis & Battery Power

Cut Out Dimensions: 3.44” (W) x 3.56”(H)

ETL Listed and Tested to UL 2034, UL 1484 and CSA 6.19.01 for Residential and RV Applications
Operation Mode:

The Atwood LP/CO Alarm operates in Six separate modes:

Power off Mode: Visually indicates sufficient and insufficient power to the alarm

Gas Sensing Mode: Continually monitors gas concentrations to ensure they’re at acceptable levels.

Alarm Active Mode: Indicates that one or more gas concentrations have reached unsafe levels. Visually and audibly alarms to alert to potential dangerous situation.

Alarm Test Mode: Visually and audibly verifies proper alarm operation

Alarm Reset/Stabilisation Mode: Silences audio alarm for 6 minutes. Verifies proper alarm opera-tion. If gas concentrations are still high after the six minutes the alarm will sound once again.

Fault Mode: Indicates a fault has been detected that compromises the alarm.


Atwood’s Patented Fuel Cell Technology

The electrochemical sensor contains a proton con-ducting membrane which generates a current tin the presence of Carbon Monoxide (CO).

This current is measured, information is processed and displayed on the alarm. The sensor is more accu-rate, uses less current and is less sensitive to humidity.


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