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Dometic Saneo Comfort toilet


Dometic Saneo CS
Revolving cassette toilet with ceramic inlay

With its bowl adjustable by 90° in both directions, this cassette toilet is ideal for use in confined spaces. The ergonomically shaped seat ensures comfort and the high-quality, scratch-resistant ceramic inlay is both easy to clean and offers a premium finish. The patented Dual Close valve provides maximum safety when the cassette tank has been removed.
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Product Description

Dometic care about the wellbeing of our customers, which is why they have fitted the new Saneo ceramic toilet with convenient details that are unrivalled on the market. Take, for example, the patented Dual Close valve which ensures maximum safety when the cassette tank has been removed. The easy-to-use touch control display, or the impulse flush for controlling the amount of water used in each flush. Also featuring a bowl that turns 90° in either direction, a huge advantage in tight spaces, and a comfortable, automatic closing seat. Easy to clean and lightweight at 12.5 kg.


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